Discovering Mount

The Mont St Michel : Wonder of the West...
1h30 from Luc !)

This marvelous abbey, a masterpiece of Christian architecture classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, defies the sea from its rock and seduces crowds from all over the world. The "Wonder of the West" is the most visited monument in France. The Mont-Saint-Michel is enthroned in the middle of a bay that lives to the rhythm of the tides. Shifting sands, sudden fogs, tides rising at the speed of a "galloping horse" ... Many mysteries surround the Mont-Saint-Michel.

Each year, nearly 3.5 million visitors are welcomed to the site. It was one of the first places of worship of the Archangel Michael in 708. The abbey offers a complete panorama of medieval architecture from the 10th to the 16th century.

Open every day except January 1st, May 1st and December 25th. Self-guided or guided tours of one hour every day (except on exceptional dates). Lecture tours of about two hours, on weekends and every day during school vacations (except on exceptional dates).
Reservations and further information can be obtained from the abbey's visitor service:

Tel : 02 33 89 80 00
Website : www.abbaye-mont-saint-michel.fr

General Information :

Tourist Office of Le Mont : 02 33 60 14 30