Discover Étretat

The most illustrious artists have been inspired by Etretat, this romantic theater open to the English Channel. A few moments on the spot are enough to understand why... The singular shape of its cliffs, be it the Manneporte, the Courtine or the Aiguille, invite the imagination.

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The cliffs

Courtine, Manneporte, Aval and Amont cliffs, the Vaudieu rock or the Aiguille de Belval, here are the mysterious names of these sculptures carved by the waves in the chalk and the flint of the Pays de Caux plateau. Some will see the head of an elephant dipping its trunk in the waves, others, like Maupassant, will claim that a ship, all sails out, could cross the arch of the Manneporte... You be the judge!

The manhole

One day in 1792, the sea was raging and a Swedish ship was thrown against the cliffs. The inhabitants of Etretat could not help but notice the horror of the shipwreck. After 24 hours, the winds died down and the waves receded, revealing a cave at the bottom of which lay a man. The latter, simply passed out, woke up while being carried to a common grave to join his unfortunate comrades. The "hole" that recalls this episode is now drilled and allows to reach the beach of Jambourg. The passage is only passable at low tide. Find out about the tide times before you go for a walk.

Some will see the head of an elephant dipping its trunk in the waves...

The old market

Animated by charming stalls, there was once a farm, then a pond. Filled in, the place became the market place. Small wooden buildings were erected before giving way to the halls.

Le Clos Arsène Lupin

You will be welcomed here by Grognard, the eternal accomplice of the gentleman burglar. He will guide you through a universe where the lives of Maurice Leblanc and his illustrious character merge. You will enter in the heart of a seven times enigma, made of sounds and lights. A great adventure!

The Nungesser and Coli monument

This astonishing spire, which has stood above the city since 1963, pays tribute to the two aviators who first attempted to cross the Atlantic Ocean on May 8, 1927, aboard the White Bird.

Etretat golf course

This course benefits from an exceptional location. Playing golf in Étretat, perched more than 50 meters above the sea, is a fantastic experience. What about the legendary hole N°10?

The Gardens of Etretat

They overlook the city, with a unique view of the cliffs of Aval and the famous Aiguille. The plant sculptures that compose them are inspired by the Normandy coastline and more particularly by the landscapes, so singular, of Etretat.