Discover Deauville

Ville mondialement connue

A Deauville chacun y trouve son bonheur ! La station balnéaire de renommée internationale sait charmer ses visiteurs avec ses hôtels, son casino, ses restaurant et son magnifique établissement des bains de mer. Pour un spectacle encore plus étonnant promenez vous sur les très célèbres « Planches de Deauville ». 653 mètres de planches bordées d’un champ de parasols multicolores. Transats, cabines de plage, tout est mis en œuvre pour que vous puissiez admirer ce paysage ou les rayons du soleil jouent avec les nuages et les reflets de l’eau.

Avec la riche programmation du Centre International de Deauville, la petite cité est un pôle culturel de premier plan.

L’image de Deauville c’est également celle du monde équestre, des courses de chevaux et des haras qui attirent chaque année de nombreuses personnes passionnées.

Deauville : La ville des loisirs élégants et du bon goût !

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World famous city

In Deauville, there is something for everyone ! The internationally renowned seaside resort knows how to charm its visitors with its hotels, its casino, its restaurants and its magnificent sea baths. For an even more amazing show, take a walk on the very famous " Planches de Deauville ". 653 meters of planks bordered by a field of multicolored umbrellas. Deckchairs, beach cabins, everything is set up so that you can admire this landscape where the sun's rays play with the clouds and the water's reflections.

With the rich program of the Centre International de Deauville, the little town is a leading cultural center.

The image of Deauville is also that of the equestrian world, horse races and stud farms that attract many passionate people every year.

Deauville : The city of elegant leisure and good taste !
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The Normandy Barrière

Prestigious hotel-palace of 1912 of the Barrière group. The facades are listed in the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage.

The International Center

Inaugurated in 1992, the C.I.D. is the local showcase to the world: a technical feat buried several meters underground to respect the landscape that knows how to remain at the forefront of technology to host the largest events.

The racetrack

The Duke of Morny, father of modern Deauville and a horse lover, had this racetrack built in 1864. Today, events are held there in summer and winter. In the center of the tracks, three polo fields regularly see the best teams in the world compete.

The Strassburger villa

Listed as a Historical Monument in 1975, this house was built for Baron Henri de Rotschild in 1907 and bought in 1924 by the American billionaire Ralph-Beaver Strassburger. Archetype of the Augeron manors, it charms its visitors with its first floor in brick and stone checkerboard and its timber-framed first floor.

The Casino

Ranked among the European references, the current casino is located on the site of the first establishment opened in 1864. Today's lights have been shining on the waterfront since 1912.

The establishment of the sea baths

Built in 1923, the establishment stretches from galleries to atriums and basins decorated with mosaics. Here you can rent the legendary umbrellas or enjoy the peacefulness of the deckchairs and other cabins.