Terms and conditions of booking

Requests for a pitch or for the rental of a mobile home or chalet imply acceptance of the campsite's terms and conditions below.


In order to book a pitch, please send your reservation by post (at the campsite's address). Initial enquiries can be made by phone (+33 (0)2 31 97 34 43) or by email (info@campinglacapricieuse.com). Mobile homes and chalets can be booked either by postal mail, by telephone, by email or directly online on our website (www.campinglacapricieuse.com). Your request will be recorded upon receipt and a booking contract will be sent to you.

The person making the booking must be over 18 years old, and legally able to enter into a contract in accordance with the present terms and conditions of rental, and guarantee the accuracy of the information. Moreover, the person must be a member of the party ; Contracts are not transferable to another party. Requests for reservations involving minors who are not accompanied by a direct legal representative (father or mother) will be refused.

Please note that the invoice will be addressed to the person whose name was given during the reservation.

The reservation is made for set dates, which can only be modified within the limit of our possibilities.


1. The booking contract must be filled out and sent back to us within 72 hours with a deposit of 25% of the total price of the stay (excluding tourist tax and various supplements mentioned in the price list).

2. Upon receipt of your contract and your deposit, we will send you a confirmation letter which validates your chosen dates of stay and makes the rental contract final and binding.

3. The booking is for set dates, which can only be modified within the limit of our possibilities.

4. Balance of the price : The balance is payable upon arrival, by bank card or in cash, French cheques (made out to « RÉGIE CAMPING LUC-SUR-MER »), or French « chèque vacances ANCV ». In case of payment by cheques vacances, only those with an upper stub will be accepted. No change will be given if the cheque's amount is higher than the price of the stay.

5. Arrival times on site are between 3 :00 pm and 8 :00 pm on the first day of rental. On the last day of rental, accommodations must be vacated before 10 :00 am. During the off season, arrival and departure times can be agreed upon.

6. A 350 € deposit will be requested upon your arrival. The deposit will be returned when you leave if no damage is found and if the premises are in perfect state of cleanliness. Deposits paid in cash will only be returned during opening hours of the reception office. Should you plan on departing before reception opens, please pay your deposit either by bank card or cheque, which will be returned by post.

7. Customers are responsible for cleaning the accommodation. On request, a cleaning service is available for 80 € excluding dishes and household appliances (please inform us the day before). It is necessary, at the latest on the day before your departure, to make an appointment with the reception office in order to carry out the inventory.

8. An inventory list will be sent to you with your confirmation. Claims can be made in case of missing or broken objects, or with regards to the state of cleanliness of the accommodation, within three hours of arrival. After the deadline, you will be held liable.

9. In case of breakage, loss or theft of dishes, the item will be invoiced (according to the 2017 rates in the rental agreement).

10. No gazebos, tents or fences are permitted on the lawn of the rental area. If the size of the pitch permits, an additional vehicle can be accepted, with extra charge.

11.Cancellations : Booking cancellations should be made in writing at the following address : Camping La Capricieuse - 2 rue Brummel - 14530 LUC-SUR-MER. Cancellation requests should be accompanied by supporting documents. For cancellations made at least 30 days before the arrival date, the deposit will be refunded. After this period, no refund will be possible.

12. Towels and bed linen are not supplied. Our accommodation includes pillows and blankets. Disposable sheets are available for sale at the reception office.

13. Baby equipment (high chair and cot) is available for rent.

Reservation is mandatory.


1. Only the persons named in the booking contract will be allowed to stay on the campsite. Any modification will be accepted at the management's discretion.

2. Upon arrival, it is essential that the party report to the reception office to carry out formalities (settlement of the tourist tax, issue of bracelets for all members of the group). Keys to your accommodation will be given to you once the taxes, supplements and deposit have been paid.

3. No visitor can access the campsite without previously reporting to the reception office in order to present an identity document and pay an entrance fee (if their presence exceeds 2 hours). Visitors should leave their vehicle outside the campsite.

4. All customers must comply with the rules of the campsite, liability insurance is compulsory.

5. In the event that a customer wishes a different accommodation than that provided by the campsite, he may be satisfied within the limits of the management's possibilities. Special requests must be made by the customer at the time of booking. Of course, we will try to accommodate according to our possibilities, without guaranteeing them. No requests made after sending the confirmation of reservation can be taken into consideration.

6. Driving is not permitted on site between 10 :30 pm and 7 :00 am. During that time, access to the campsite is only possible on foot.

7. Customers are asked to wear their wrist bands throughout their stay.

8. Pets are accepted on the campsite's pitches but not permitted in the rental accommodations (mobile home and chalets). The presentation of an up-to-date health record book at the time of arrival is compulsory. First and second category dogs are strictly forbidden. It is forbidden to leave animals alone in your absence. Customers are asked to ensure that any fouling is collected and disposed of, including on neighbouring pitches. Pet waste disposal bags are available at the reception office.

9. CAF vouchers : The campsite is not approved by the French Caisse d'Allocations Familiales and therefore cannot receive any payment in "CAF vouchers". We can however fill a certificate of stay and provide a proof of payment on request if the stay has been booked directly with our campsite. Documents must be provided to us at the beginning of the stay.

10. Management reserves the right to maintain the green areas of the campsite between 10 am and 6 pm from Monday to Saturday, using lawnmowers and hedge trimmers in order to keep the campsite tidy.

11. Complaints. To be taken into account, complaints should be made on site during your stay. Any complaint concerning a stay must be reported to the reception office of the campsite in the first instance so that the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible. And in the second instance, you can address it by email or in writing at the reception of the campsite, within a maximum delay of 8 days after the date of return. No complaint can be dealt with if it has not been mentioned during your stay at the campsite.

12. Behaviour: in the event of non-compliance with the internal rules or repeated disorders, after two oral warnings, the manager may terminate the contract and expel the troublemaker (s).


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